Our great-grandparents and grandparents were born and lived from agriculture.

Our parents grew up in it, although, later their lives take a different turn. Indeed, they always educated us in the principles of hard work, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. It was these values that made us reach this project, our olive oil.

On our farm, a property with about 120 hectares in Alentejo we grow two varieties of olives: Cobrançosa and Galega.


The entire process is done with the intention to obtaining an olive oil of exceptional quality. The production is made in a mill of the region, without neglecting the quality during the whole process.

We maintain a close monitoring of the entire production, where the family is present in all processes, from farm work to the extraction of oil, bottling, marketing and business management.


The ones who visit Alentejo admit that shall remain no doubts about the importance of the culture of the olive grove. The Guardian calls it the new Tuscany.

The olive groves are, beyond doubt, one of the factors of the beauty of the region.

Our farm is located in Cano, district of Sousel. This land has a history in the production of olive oil. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the oil from Cano was sold in pharmacies in England. In fact, there is a clear connection between the quality and both natural and human factors of the region, as proven by the recent certification DOP Norte Alentejo.

Resulting in a mature and slightly sweet, deliciously enjoyable olive oil.